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How I earned the CKAD certificate from Linux Foundation

Published on December 28, 2022

It's almost the end of the year 2022. I faced the CKAD exam on the 26th of December and I could pass the exam. So, I thought about writing something about it so it would be helpful for someone else.


  • I read a book called "Kubernetes Up & Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure", this book is authored by the original people who developed Kubernetes. You can download a freely available copy of the book here as a complement from VMware Tanzu. The authors have recently published the 3rd edition of the same book even though I read the 2nd edition. The book starts with the inspiration of inventing Kubernetes and more than enough motivation to get you to read the book. The intention of reading this book was never to face the exam actually.
  • Refer to the K8s documentation for further information always. It's great that the exam allows you to browse the docs during the exam.
  • I saw the Cyber Monday Offers for the certifications in Linux Foundation Training and It was a good deal, so I purchased a bundle with the "Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD)" exam plus the "Kubernetes for Developers (LFD259)" course. As a revision of what I learned from the book and to catch up on anything missed in the book and applicable to the exam, I followed the course for a few days.
  • Exam comes with practice question set within a environment which is almost similar to the PSI bridge exam environment. I also went through them and learned some shortcuts and preset env values to do command inputs faster.

Facing the exam

Then I had to schedule a date for the exam. It's possible only on weekdays and USA time when proctors are available to conduct the exam. So, I chose to face the exam in a late-night time slot rather than early in the morning in my local time. More about what to expect in the exam environment is available in the original exam when you purchase it. Be prepared that you will have to show what's under your table using a webcam as well :)

Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays!

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