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Autoscaling Kubernetes Deployemts with Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

Posted on July, 2022

When you have a web application running, the major concern that most people underestimate is that if the resources are enough to serve the expected load. Recently a government website got launched in…

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Exposing Web Apps running in our Raspberry Pi cluster

Posted on April, 2022

This post is a continuation of my previous blog post called Let's build low budget AWS at home. Here, I will be explaining how to run a blog in the cluster and expose it to the public internet. I will…

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Let's build low budget AWS at home

Posted on April, 2022

No, I'm not kidding. We gonna make it. If you ever wanted to host your web-based project, you might have definitely used the solutions provided by AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean, or blah blah…

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