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Obtaining 10k reputation in Stack Overflow and reflection

Published on October 08, 2022

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Some years back including my university days, I was looking for answers to programming problems I came across, mainly errors in the middle of some sort of coding. Stack Overflow has been the savior for most of the time. Once I thought why not try to answer some of the questions that I have knowledge of? At that time I had good knowledge of JS and React JS gained from the startup project I have been working on and from my employment at that time. After answering a few questions under React JS tag I got my first accepted answer. That's how my Stack Overflow journey started.

Since then, I have been answering questions for 18 months and recently I have hit 10k reputation points. During this reputation gain, I could get a silver badge for the React JS tag and a bronze badge for the Javascript tag. Not only that I got many privileges to operate the Stack Overflow site better. Completing daily review queues, improving others' questions and answers, and access to site stats are some of them.

Benefits I got from the Stack Overflow site

  • Stack Overflow tag info has many learning resources which are really useful.
  • I also asked questions and got answers where I got stuck. It's mostly about how to ask a question clearly and informatively.
  • Technology is always updating with new releases, so questions too, so I could be updated with new things.
  • You can gain knowlege just by going thought Q&As. The same question is answered with different approaches by answerers.

Most importantly it's such a satisfaction you can get when you could help someone by answering their question and earn some reputation points. The words they put in a comment saying "thanks" always made my day. Honestly, these 10k reputation points are worth more than 10k pounds to me :). Finally, I would like you to start doing the same, just start with the tech tag you are already familiar with.

Have a nice day!

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